The dynamic duo of rapers including Reece Madlisa and Zumo Armaroto are smashing the headlines nowadays after the news of their involvement in a car accident is getting circulated all over. A video is viral on significant Social Networking platforms showing an extremely damaged vehicle surrounded by people. Media and emergency services are arriving on the spot. It is being claimed that the rappers have been involved in the car accident. However, the is official information claiming for the statement. The investigation is going and the authorities are claiming to figure out the things soon. Get more information regarding Reece Madlisa and Zumo Armaroto car accident.

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Zuma Amaroto and Reece Madlisa Car Accident

However, these Viral videos of car accidents are getting quite often nowadays. Most lately a Lesotho based raper collected headlines when he met with a serious car accident but was later rescued by emergency. It is being claimed that he is safe and sound and doing well without any serious injury. But, there is no information regarding Reece and Zumo’s current condition. Although, all of their fans are highly curious to know about the rappers and the prominent cause of the accident.

According to the latest reports issued by media, the popular duo of the rappers met with the accident on 6 November 2021, Saturday. The duo is also recognized with the title of the craftsman who supposedly engaged in an auto collision. The major accident of craftsman and fetching the attention of the people and even drawing the concern of paper. As we mentioned above that the video is shared rapidly through Social Media platforms by consumers and now moved to Keholofetse Streams Channel. The notably damaged car of the craftsman is clearly visible in the video parked alongside the multitude. It seems that the car has collided with another vehicle that caused this damage.

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Police are investigating the complete issue, most lately there are no reports claiming any involvement of drink and drive. Along with that, there is no information available on any further loss of life or serious injury. Well, Reece Madlisa is a professional rapper and melodic craftsman. He was raised in South Africa, in his childhood he was quite interested in music.

Later he collaborated with Zuma and delivered some of the chartbusters. We will get back to you with further information regarding Zuma Amaroto and Reece Madlisa Car Accident. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.

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