“Zimbabweans Deserve Better,” South African Actress Pearl Thusi Reacts To Dr Phophi Harassing A Patient 

South African actress and media personality Pearl Thusi has decided to add her voice to the trending video of Limpopo Health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba harassing a Zimbabwean patient

In a video that sparked debate on social media, Dr Phophi Ramathuba was captured harassing the Zimbabwean national for seeking medical attention in South Africa.


Dr Phophi Constance Ramathuba (Image Credit: News24)


She told off the patient that she was crippling her province’s health system and that it is unfair for South African doctors to treat foreigners under a national budget dedicated for South Africans.

Taking to Twitter, Pearl Thusi posed a question to her followers if they would die at home or illegally cross the border for surgery.

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Pearl Thusi said that Zimbabweans don’t deserve the kind of treatment that they are receiving in South Africa. She stated Zimbabweans have been let down by their government to such that they have been left with no option but to end up resorting to illegally crossing the border.


Being let down by your own govt only to find yourself illegally entering other countries says so much about the Zimbabwean govt atp. Zim people deserve better- & unfortunately the SA govt is already doing its own looting while overwhelmed by the needs of its own people.


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Pearl Thusi said that South Africans should be prioritized. The actress said that it was unfair that a helpless patient had to receive such harsh treatment from the minister.


SA ppl are already suffering & should be prioritized. It’s a shame that a defenceless woman has to receive the speech our govt should give to the Zim govt directly. But the very ppl suffering are now the scapegoat being used to express frustrations w something beyond their control.


She added that the South African government should confront the Zimbabwean government directly and stop attacking desperate citizens.

Cowardice actions are attacking the weak instead of confronting the RESPONSIBLE. Why is the SA govt afraid of this confrontation? Why are they attacking desperate citizens? No one would leave their own country to get their needs met if their own govt prioritized them.


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