Zimbabwean Relationship Expert Comes To Killer Kau’s Girlfriend Rescue

Widely endorsed Zimbabwean relationship expert, Shadaya Knight has dashed to defend the late South African musician, Killer Kau’s girlfriend who is under fire for moving on too soon after the death of her boyfriend.

Olwethu Mkhwananzi is alleged to have already moved on and found herself a man a year after the demise of her lover.

While Kau’s death is still a hard pill to swallow for many people, news reports claim that Olwethu has managed to dust herself up from the gloomy past and found herself a man to whom she is now married.

Despite there being no evidence of the so-called marriage, netizens are convinced Killer Kau’s girlfriend has indeed moved on.

Commenting on the drama, Shadaya blasted men for believing that women can be loyal for an entire lifetime. He said women’s loyalty only lasts for as long as the man is providing for her needs.

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Shadaya comes to Killer Kau’s Girlfriend Rescue.


Wrote Shadaya:

“Killer Kau’s girlfriend marries his friend a year after his death” There’s really nothing shocking about this, if a woman finds it easier to replace you, because you’ve lost your value (job, business, social status), what more when you’re 6ft under?

Learn – a woman’s only loyal to you as long you serve her needs, they can either be financial, sexual or social status, once you can’t provide that, you’ll be replaced in the blink of an eye. She’s not your relative, she knows this, it is you men who don’t…

If you doubt this, take a peek at her work or funeral policies, she’ll never put your name as her next of kin. Haven’t you observed that even if a married woman dies first, her relatives will come & collect all her belongings, if the house was hers, you’ll be evicted…

Men love women & that’s their biggest weakness, women love survival & that’s their strength. For example if a man was asked at gun point to choose between his wife being k!lled or him, he’d gladly take the bullet for his wife. Now reverse the scenario, you know the outcome…

Which is why every man needs to do away with that backward mentality of sacrificing one’s self for a wvman. There’s no point dying for a wvman or getting yourself in sh*t that could lead to your death for a wvman e.g crime or rituals to make money to impress wvmen…

Know this, if you di3 today, it won’t take her a month to replace you in private & less than 6 months to replace you in public. Yes that same wvman you’ll have sacrificed your life for, will get as many dicks as she pleases with your money while your lif3less body eats sand in regrets

Don’t hurt yourself trying to keep, save or protect any wvman. Only sacrifice for your children & even at that make sure you did a DNA test, you’ll end up dying for someone’s else b@stards. Earth is hard!!! Learn or perish!!!


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The 23-year-old entertainer, his best friend and fellow Amapiano artist Mpura and three other upcoming artists, Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe, DJ Thando Tot and TD perished in a terrible head-on collision on their way to perform in Rustenburg last year.


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