Zimbabwean Rapper Kapcity Blasts Other Rappers For Not Sounding American


United States-based Zimbabwean rapper Kapcity has sparked controversy online after he blasted his fellow rappers for not sounding American. According to Kapcity, rappers who don’t sound American should sing in vernacular instead.

Kapcity, real name Keith Guzah Jr, made the stunning claims in a social media post on Monday. The post was directed at rappers everywhere in general, but particularly Zimbabwean rappers.

Ironically, during the same post, Kapcity called on rappers to have their own identities.

In the post, the Zimbbawean rapper said,

“To all my Zimbbawean hip hop artists, to all my Zimbos, to all my Zim ni**as trying to do this sh#t, trying to do this rap sh#t, here is a problem that we have, we have no fu##ing identity.”

He then says that he has a problem with people mispronouncing words such as “bad,” “fork”, and “work.” Kapcity suggests that people should use vernacular instead of rapping in English and mispronouncing American words.

You can watch Kapcity’s post, which he captioned,

“Attention, Rappers! Especially those from my homeland!! Take notes, please! “

Please note that the post has very strong language.



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Kapcity’s post did not go down well with the overwhelming majority of people who viewed the people.

Most people accused him of being ignorant and of being the one lacking a cultural identity. They highlighted that most West African and Caribbean artists use English. Despite their thick regional accents, they still made it big on the international stage.

Others accused him of being Afrobic and anti-black, claiming that he was trying to run away from his roots by trying hard to sound American.

Some even mocked Kapcity himself, saying that even though he raps with the perfect American accent, his music is not making strides and is selling a fraction compared to those using their local accents.


Zimbabwean rapper Kapcity [Photo: Kapcity via Facebook]

Below are some responses to Kapcity’s video blasting his fellow rappers for mispronouncing American words.


Madz Merklyn Spencer

Most American rappers of today are rapping inaudible English words(mumble). Let people pronounce English the best way they can. Let them be original. Rapping in English don’t mean you trying to be American.

Nigerians, Jamaicans and Ghanaians have an international crowd with English rap songs that have strong accents from each of their respective origin. Be you do you. End of story.


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Ndruflex Rey

He raps with the perfect American accent, but where are his songs.

Farai Kuzy Mutekwa

I get you, but Cassper Nyovest does that too, and his fire. If anything, young thug and future, sometimes their words are inaudible, still, fire, and there are 100s of songs we don’t know the language and meaning, but the vibe is amazing and (they) even are hits internationally.

Chuma Ch

This is shallow on another level… One whole human showing shocking ignorance.

Ngoni Slam Benjamin

This is probably not a very fair criticism, given that Zimbos generally have a thick English accent. That, in a way, is an “identity”, isn’t it?

It sounds like you’re implying that someone should rap only in vernacular coz they pronounce English words differently. What if they express themselves better in English but just have a strong regional accent?


Thabi Ndhlovu

It’s your condescending hot take masked in anti-blackness & Afrophobia for me. This is peak house nigg*r behaviour. Criticising people’s accents because they don’t sound American has nothing to do with their loss of identity. It’s your lack of seeing beyond America. You are WRONG.


People that don’t understand how dynamic dialect & culture are, especially in Africa, think they are so smart when they reinforce western colonial standards that wash away said identity.

You’d never say this to French or Spanish folks that perform in English & that says a lot.


I won’t argue with where he’s coming from; I don’t have energy. But you know what’s funny, though? A whole Black man talking about identity whilst advising his brothers to speak a foreign language properly. Now that’s ludicrous.


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What’s so special about this American accent🥴 If Zim rappers have a Shona accent, then that is our identity. We are not Americans, and I don’t get why sounding like them is so important that we have to learn it. This is so messed up.


This is why huns make fun of niggaz with podcasts.



This video having more traction than his music is hilarious.



This video has more views than his entire music catalogue.



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