Zimbabwean Narrates How He Ended Up Being Tottenham Hotspur’s Head Kitchen Gardener

Zimbabwe-born Kuda Chimbudzi (43) narrated how he ended up cultivating fruits and vegetables to feed Harry Kane and his Tottenham Hotspur Football Club teammates.

Chimbudzi told a publication that he has always been passionate about gardening. He added that it was a dream come true for him to work in something he is passionate about. He said:

Growing in Zimbabwe, everybody got little pieces of land. My uncle is a grower. He used to grow bananas and all kinds of fruits. I’ve always been a kitchen gardener and this has always been my passion. I feel like I can use ornamental energies to actually make the edible plants look good. It was a dream come true to really come and work in something that I really like to do. The other thing is I like to give something to the environment and I like to give something to the people and Tottenham Hotspurs as well.

Chimbudzi travelled to the United Kingdom to visit friends and family but ended up staying. He was advised to study a course and he elected to enrol for the Extended Diploma in Horticulture at Moulton College in Northamptonshire.

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Chimbudzi said when he saw a job advertisement for Assistant Kitchen Gardener at Tottenham Hotspur Football club online, it jumped out at him from the screen.

He worked under the Head Kitchen Gardener who at the time was a highly skilled Italian. The Head Kitchen Gardener was also a keen cook and Chimbudzi learned a lot from his organic Italian style. When the Italian retired in 2018, Chimbudzi took over as Head Kitchen Gardener. 

He said at Tottenham Hotspur they grow everything organically. Part of the plants that he grows to feed the Tottenham Hotspur footballers is chomolia kale popularly known as covo in Zimbabwe.

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