Zimbabwe Hip Hop Star R. Peels Finally Speaks On “Girlfriend” Bertha Of Viral US$50 Scandal With Robert Mugabe Junior


Zimbabwe Hip Hop musician R. Peels has finally spoken out after social media claimed that Bertha, from the infamous US$50 scandal with Robert Mugabe Junior, is his girlfriend.

Bertha has a starring role in a video going viral on social media. In the video, Bertha declares that she will not be leaving an apartment or getting dressed until she gets the US$50 she had negotiated for her services.



She appears to be making the demands while sitting on a bed wrapped in a sheet and surrounded by some males, one of whom is topless.

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Former President Robert Mugabe’s son, Tinotenda Robert Junior, who is one of the males, tries to negotiate with Bertha telling her that she should get dressed first.

This led to intense speculation on social media that Robert Junior was the one who had procured the services of Bertha. However, this is not clear.

Later on, eagle-eyed social media users shared photos of Bertha with R. Peels and claimed that she is his girlfriend.


On Thursday, R. Peels dismissed rumours that Bertha was his girlfriend and insisted that he only knew her professionally.

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According to R. Peels, Bertha was only featured as a model on his album cover, and that was the extent of their association.



[Images: Instagram/Robert Mugabe Junior & Facebook/R. Peels]



Below is the statement released by R. Peels on Thursday morning,

“Here is a public statement on the whole Bertha Issue ……

” 1)I’ve dealt with models and video vixens since 2017, that’s 5 years and as a professional, I don’t date or get in relationships with them. I take my job seriously.

” 2) I am not ashamed to have worked with Bertha on my album cover and Promo. I hope she gets through this with grace. I’m not in a position to judge. Her personal drama has nothing to do with me.”


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R. Peels also took a swipe at people who spend their time on social media engaging in gossip and showing an inordinate interest in other people’s affairs


“3) The unemployment rate is 98% in Zimbabwe, so I guess everyone works on Zimcelebs or Twitter. Enjoy mabasa enyu.”

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