You’re preaching one Nigeria, but you can’t even reconcile with your twin brother – Man slams Peter Okoye

Peter ‘Mr P’ Okoye, a Nigerian singer and former member of the disbanded PSquare group, recently urged Nigerians to live in peace and avoid the bloodshed that has taken many lives.

In the middle of the continuing clash between Yorubas and Hausas in Ibadan, after a string of ethnic conflicts in southern and northern Nigeria, he made the call.

The musician condemned ethnicity, tribalism and racism which influences the decisions of Nigerians and asked that we all live as one.

He wrote;

I am an Igbo man, married to a Yoruba woman.

I grew up in the north, schooled in the north, started my career in North. And today i speak Hausa language fluently.

Please this Ethnicity,Tribalism and Racism has to Stop!!! Haba! What is going on?#StopTheBloodShed

However, a man reacted to his post and called him out for preaching unity and reconciliation to the nation whereas he is yet to reconcile with his twin brother, Paul Okoye.

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The man identified as Afam wrote;

Lol preaching one Nigeria but you can’t even reconcile with your twin brother. Let’s start with one OKOYE first.

He added;

Peter’s relationship with his brothers became toxic, they fought and quietly restructured for peace to reign.

Why can’t we do the same in Nigeria instead of deceiving ourselves? Well, you guys are hypocritical, so I understand.

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