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Your phone has been hacked if you notice these things



In this digital world where everything can basically be done from the comfort of our phone. Due to the numerous uses of our phone, hackers have made it their number one target to perpetuate their wicked act.

Sometimes we see these things that inform us that our phone has been hacked but since we don’t know about them we tend to ignore these signs which causes further damage. I’m this post I will be sharing with you 5 important signs that shows your phone has been hacked

Your phone heats up and slows down all of a sudden

This is one of the most noticeable signs but also very tricky. Tricky because there are other factors that can cause your phone to show these signs. But if you notice that all of a sudden your phone starts heating up and it starts to slow down even when you are not using a memory intensive app, then there is a problem.

Your contacts complain of receiving messages you knew you didn’t send

This is another Noticeable sign that your phone has been hacked. This is a very popular trick by scammers to scam people using another person’s identity.

This message could be sent through your IG, WhatsApp, Facebook or even sms. Once you seeing complaint like this then your phone has been hacked.

Your data runs out faster than before

If your data runs out faster than before then it might be because the scammers are also using it from their end. It might be to spy on you, retrieve some of your data, mine crytocurrency or any other data required exercise. Be on the lookout if you notice this

A new app mysteriously appears on your phone without you installing it

If you suddenly start seeing apps you didn’t install on your phone then there is a great probability that your phone has been hacked. Most times this apps are installed by the hackers to carry out all the evils they want to do with your phone.

Your phone acts strangely

This can be your phone rebooting by itself, typing by itself, calling people without you dialing anyone’s number or your phone switching off even when it’s full. This might be a software virus but a good number of times, it means that your phone has been hacked.

Your credit card debits you for purchases you didn’t make

This one dey pain eh. But yeah it happens. When you start getting debited for purchases you didn’t make then your phone is most likely being access by hackers. This one is also a popular sign that there is fire on the mountain.

And lastly, if your personal information or data gets leaked without you sharing it then beware your phone might have been hacked

What to do if you notice these things

Get a good anti-virus for your phone

Uninstall apps that you didn’t install or you don’t use

Change all your passwords

Flash or wipe your phone

Contact your bank if you are experiencing reduction undue debiting


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