Young Nigerian man declared missing in Canada

Joshua Ayodele Fasipe, a Nigerian man has been declared missing in Canada.

Latoye Sade, a Canada-based Nigerian Twitter user, who confirmed this on Saturday September 25, said that Mr Fasipe, a graduate of Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, has been missing since Wednesday, September 23.

She pleaded with anyone with useful information to contact Carleton University Nigerian Students Association, CUNSA.


Few days ago, the dead body of a missing 7-year-old boy was found while dogs was feasting on his body parts.

Reports indicate that the boy was found with missing body parts and police are suspecting the boy was murdered and his parts harvested for ritual purposes.

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On the morning of September 16, the boy from Makore Village under Chief Mangwende in Murewa was sent by his parents to look after the garden.

The boy’s parents could not locate him when they went to the garden later to do some watering.

This sent them into a panic resulting in them enquiring about the whereabouts of their son from other children who were also manning their gardens nearby.

The parents were told that their son was swimming in a nearby pond but were disappointed when they made their way there only to find their young boy was not at the said pond.

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The parents then sought help from other villagers and a search was conducted until midnight without fruition.

The next morning, it is reported that a neighbor woke up and discovered his dogs and its puppies feasting on human body parts in his yard.

The neighbor then alerted the boy’s parents who made a report to the police.

The body had its head, neck, both legs and arms hacked off.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the sad incident adding that investigations into the matter are in progress.

Nyathi said:

Police in Murewa are looking for perpetrators behind the gruesome murder of a 7-year-old boy who went missing on September 17, 2020 after he had been sent to the garden by his mother. The body of the boy was later discovered on September18 2020 being eaten by dogs with the head, arms and legs chopped off for suspected ritual purposes. We urge parents and guardians to always be on the look out of their minors and prioritise their safety, at all times. Investigations into this matter are in progress.