“You Ended Up As A Stepmother” – Mihlali Ndamase Courts Ire Over ‘Life Is Less Difficult Without Kids’ Post

South African beauty influencer and socialite Mihlali Ndamase can’t seem to catch a break on these social media streets. She always seems to touch a nerve with her social posts.

Recently, Mihlali  Ndamase courted ire on social media over her post about not wanting to have kids.

Taking to Twitter, Mihlali Ndamase stated that life is less difficult without kids. She wrote;

Life is hard but at least andinamtana



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Her tweet was not well received by the general majority of netizens as tweeps went up in arms against her.


Lulo Cafe Bombshell
Mihlali Ndamase [Image: Instagram via @mihlalii_n]


Netizens were angered by her post as they argued that kids are a blessing from God. Tweeps began making fun of her, saying that it’s ironic that she claims to be childless when she is allegedly married to Leeroy Sidambe, who is already a parent. Netizens emphasized that since she is now married to a father, she automatically became a stepmother.


Check out some of the reactions;

For someone who’s already dating a man with kids” your words may backfire one day., It could have been much better if you were dating someone who doesn’t have kids as well, it could have worked in your advantage as a couple. But right now what you just said doesn’t make sense.

You ended up as a stepmother!!

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I actually thought she who married a father, automatically becomes a mother.

Umtana sisbusiso sisi that’s why you always depressed, check on all your friends with children ubone ba happy

bragging about not having a child It doesn’t slap when you’re 30 the same way it would’ve if you were 23 When you’re 30, it’s like “oh shame marn. She doesn’t have a child” So please stop embarrassing yourself.


Stop denying our country ur beautiful bloodline…our sons are gonna need gf’s

Okusalayo uyi stepmother Mihlali.

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