A shocking piece of news is coming forward where it is reported that a man, aged 28, fell off a hot air balloon into the path of a moving car. The terrifying incident took place in Isreal on Tuesday morning, October 19, 2021. According to the police of the country, the 28-year-old man Yogev Cohen died on Route 60 in the Jezreel Valley which is about five miles south of Nazareth. The hot air balloon which was involved in the incident belonged to the Lagaat Bashmayim balloon company, reported Israeli newspaper, Haaretz.

Yogev Cohen, Israel Man, Dies After Falling From Hot Air Balloon On To Moving Car

Israeli Police Department stated that the man who died after falling from the hot air balloon was an employee of the Lagaat Bashamayim. Reportedly, he was stabilizing the ballon before the final takeoff when the balloon started to rise all of a sudden. Under the regulations of Lagaat company, all the air ballons must be stabilized by almost three ground crew members before they can take off. Yogev was following the regulations and was making sure that the balloon was stabilized before it can be inflated. The moment the balloon began to rise, Yogev decided not to let it go for some unknown reasons.

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Man Dies After Falling From Hot Air Balloon

Yogev ultimately hung on for as long as he possibly could and didn’t let it go when it started to lift him high in the air. At last, he fell more than one hundred feet down to a moving car beneath him, reported by outlet. It is being stated that the car and the passengers on the hot air balloon were unharmed when the incident happened. Talking about the incident, the owner of Lagaat Bashamayim, Almog Amir, said that he still is wondering why Yogex refused to let go of the air balloon and is still shocked to learn the news.

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Almog Amir further said that he has been flying hot air balloons for more than 20 years and he is still unable to understand why Cohen did this. He added that Cohen hung onto the lower portion of the basket and by the time it was noticed by the pilot, Yogev was already at a height of around 10 to 15 meters. The owner stated that the pilot even yelled at Cohen to jump as he was still closer to the ground but he refused and said “No, I’m hanging in there”. However, the pilot decided to get lower but due to the presence of the power lines, he couldn’t. Yogev Cohen death has undoubtedly shocked everyone.

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