The glitz collided with the glamour; foundation swallowed eyelashes, face masks disrupted identification and the sense of style of new-age Nigerian artists was caught in-between wannabe streetwear of the homeless and taking excessive liberty with athleisure.

Y’all should know when to stop; branding starts with simple decisions and a sense of occasion. Also importantly, ‘vibe’ must be sorry that it ever came out of Fresh L’s tweet in Q1 2020 because it must have been said over 78 million times on the red carpet.

Some performances on the night had been pre-recorded and the live event – which featured nominees – was held at Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. The red carpet began at 5pm while the main event commenced around 9:50 pm. The year-in-review was between July 2019 and September 2020.

This is the 14th edition of an award heralded by Ayo Animashaun and his company, Hip-hop World. People who struggle to maintain a consistent run for one year due to dwindling clout enjoy slagging Hip-hop World, but the company deserves some props for even running a show for 14 years, albeit with sizable hiccups.

For comparison; in 13 years, the MTV Africa Music Awards has only been held six times. This year, they made the mistake of aligning with Uganda, only for the ghosts of Museveni’s atrocities to come out screaming with Sango’s battle axe.

Before the event, Hip-Hop World tried to salvage the reputation of the Headies Award by interfacing with artists and creating an artist relation program. The nominations for the show were also inclusive, but familiar problems – some on a worse scale – still plagued the Headies.

Red carpet

The hosts of the red carpet were awfully ignorant about the Nigerian music industry.

One of them used “This dude” to describe DRB Lasgidi while the other butchered Moelogo’s name with a blunt machete from a slaughterhouse in Cadiz. Nonetheless, they can be forgiven for the incoherence because the picture quality and the sound – midway through the red carpet – were severely obstructed by a nearby band, or whatever that was.

Bad Production: We dey explore, no worry