Wow! Fuji Star, KS1 Malaika Surprises His Mum With A House (Photos/Video)


Sulaiman Alao Adekunle Malaika, the Fuji star who is popularly known as Ks1 Malaika, has gifted his mum, Alhaja Rukayat Mojirayo, a house. 

The singer shared a video showing the moment he surprised his mum with the beautiful house he built for her.

He wrote; ”I took her round the building and showed her the flats we have there. I now handed over all the keys to her saying, IYE (mum) this is the house I built for you…

She was shocked because she never had any idea I was doing this.


Congratulations Alhaja Rukayat Mojirayo..

I love you IYE and I will continue to In shaa Allah.”

Watch below a video showing his mum’s excitement after he presented the keys of the house to her

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