Following sentence, Osama bin Laden’s former London spokesman is set to return to Britain a free man.

Adel Abdel Bary, 60, has been freed early from a 25-year jail sentence in the US.
He was arrested in Britain a year after taking part in terror attacks that killed 224 and injured another 5,000 people in 1998.

After a long legal battle, Bary and the former Finsbury Park mosque hate preacher, Abu Hamza, were extradited to the US in 2012.

Bary was sentenced to 25 years following a plea deal where he admitted three charges, including conspiracy to murder US citizens abroad, at the country’s embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

A judge brought forward his October 28 prison release by several weeks on compassionate grounds owing to coronavirus last Wednesday.

The Times understands the Egyptian-born asylum seeker’s father is now weeks from returning to the UK.

Former Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden (Image: Getty Images)

The obese and asthmatic 60-year-old is being held at a US immigration and customs enforcement detention facility until he is transferred to the UK.

His court indictment said Bary leased premises in London that became the slain terror chief Bin Laden’s “media information office”.

He was in charge of making sure Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the terror attacks in 1998.

Adel Mohanned Abdul Bary in prison van at Bow Magistrates’ Court in 1999 (Image: PA Archive/Press Association Images)

The Kilburn Lane office spread propaganda and provided “cover for activity in support of al-Qaeda’s ‘military’ activities, including the recruitment of trainees, the disbursement of funds and the procurement of necessary equipment”.

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His son Abdel-Majed Abdel was arrested in Spain this spring after travelling to Syria to fight for Isis.

The former London rapper’s songs, focusing on drug use and violence, were broadcast on BBC radio before he left in 2013.

Al-Qaeda terrorists were behind the 9/11 Twin Towers atrocity (Image: Getty Images)

He later posed with the severed head of an Assad regime soldier for a mocking social media post

A Whitehall source said Bary will be monitored on his return to the UK, adding: “This is not someone who will simply just be walking the streets of Britain again. We are very alive to the risk involved in his potential return.”

Terror laws or criminal exclusion orders can’t be placed on Bary as he has completed his US sentence, the source said.

But it is believed a “gentleman’s agreement” between the US and UK will mean he’s not transferred home until adequate arrangements are put into place.