Women pay the bills in most Nigerian homes – Man sparks debate

According to a young Nigerian man, the wife bears the brunt of financial responsibility in a typical Nigerian household.

Shola, a young man who only gave his first name, said that in most Nigerian households, women are the ones who pay the bills.

According to him, there is a misconception that all women are gold diggers, when in fact, there are many loving wives who are underappreciated.

Taking to Twitter, Shola tweeted;

”Women pay the bills in most Nigerian homes, but we not ready for this conversation.

Most times, we make it look like all women are gold diggers. They are still good & supportive women/wives/moms out there. God bless y’all good women financially.”

His postulation sparked debate on the microblogging app. Read some comments below..

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Many testimonies of mothers doing this and that for their kids..putting them through school and all..God bless all the hardworking women..


needs to see this tweet and unlearn. Date your preferred women in peace and avoid dragging Nigeria women into it


Yes my mum does. She’s practically the breadwinner and yes pops is alive and well.


Are you talking about this Nigeria or another one? Why do we have more widows than widowers? Most wifes are I a cold war with their husbands to win the heart of their children, dad drops money, they act as if they provided, at old age when dad is weak and can longer provide….


Some of you men saying all these about women not paying bills yen yen yen knows the truth. Ego ll not allow some of u agree that women foot bills in your home more reason we do it and give u the credit so that your ego go continue to grow but mk una dey try appreciate am too


Seriously, men can never win in any thing that has to do with love or family because their contributions are always underrated…

It’s only God that can bless and reward the men that go out there everyday in order to provide for their families. My own father is Irreplaceable.


The word “MOST” should not be used here. In the northern part of Nigeria is otherwise.


First tweet says “Most women pay the bills…”. Second tweet ends with “…They are still good & supportive women/wives/moms out there…”

If most women pay bills why did you end the thread by suggesting we need to search for the existing supportive ones?


Dear men, Whenever you want to provide for your family always let your children know.

Give them there school fees physically and always tell then how hard you try to make them happy Smiling face with smiling eyes. Don’t allow your wife steal all the sympathy and attention.

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