Woman wears a corset 18 HOURS a day to shrink her waist to beat the record for the smallest waist in the world

A single mother in Georgia wants to break the world record for the tiniest waist. 26-year-old Sammy Wilson wears a corset for 18 hours a day to shrink her tiny 21.5-inch torso.

Sammy Wilson, 26, from Georgia, started waist training in April 2019 to help add some curves to her frame after losing weight. She can now squeeze into a 15-inch corset, and she’s determined to whittle her 21.5-inch waist down to 14 inches. ‘I want to have the smallest waist in the world,’ she explained.

‘If I get down to 14 inches my waist will be roughly the same size as an average newborn baby’s head and one inch smaller than the current world record.’


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