Woman gives birth to baby with no reproductive organ

Woman gives birth to baby with no reproductive organ

ZIMBABWE – A couple at Nyakudya village in Bindura rural gave birth to a baby without a reproductive organ a month ago.

The baby was born with no other complications, except using the anus for both urinating and defecation.

The family is now appealing for financial assistance for baby Junior to undergo a medical examination at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital in Harare.

The baby’s mother, Lydia Makisi (37), said the family was failing to raise US$130 for tests and X-rays.

Makasi said she noticed the condition while changing the napkin a day after giving birth. She said:

I went into labour prematurely at seven months and I gave birth in the car on my way to Manhenga Clinic.

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I noticed the anomaly the following day and I was transferred to Bindura Hospital where doctors were baffled.

I was further referred to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital in Harare where doctors said the condition was unique and rare and there was a need for tests and X-rays to determine if it can be corrected.

What my baby is missing is an important part of a person. We are appealing for help so that he can have a normal life.

The father, Remigio Nyakudya (45), who is the village head, said they have four other children who are perfectly normal.

Chief Masembura said they were consulting spirit mediums to find the cause of the anomaly. He said:

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In our tradition, this is a mystery. Spirit mediums can tell us what went wrong and what needs to be done so that when they go to the hospital doctors can help the baby.

Source: The Herald

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