Woman Dumps Newborn Baby In The Toilet After Lover Denies Responsibility

After her lover denied responsibility, a  Mwenezi woman dumped her healthy newborn baby boy down the pit latrine soon after giving birth to him.

Newsmen has established that on 15 August Shylet Kutocha, age 25 from Mwenezi gave birth to a healthy baby boy. However, soon after giving birth to him at around 11 pm, she threw the baby down the pit latrine.

The healthy baby is lucky to be alive after spending nine hours down a pit latrine where it had been dumped by Kutocha.

The baby was only discovered 9 hours later at around 8:30 am after Praise Ndhlovu heard the baby crying from the toilet. He was later rescued alive by some neighbors who had to demolish the latrine to save him.

The matter was reported to the nearest police station leading to her arrest.
Kutocha was brought before Mwenezi Resident Magistrate Honesty Musiiwa facing attempted infanticide charges.

In her defense, she stated that the father of the child denied responsibility. As such she said that she had no resources to look after the child considering the fact that she is poor and is already struggling to look after her other two children who have different fathers.

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She was sentenced to 20 months in prison and 14 months were suspended for 5 years on the condition that she does not commit a similar offense.

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