A woman has been charged with killing her mother’s dog and then burning its remains.

Brianna Lingo, from Missouri, USA, is facing charges of animal abuse by torture and mutilation, and stealing an animal, according to online court records.

The 29-year-old’s actions were reportedly part of a ritualistic sacrifice undertaken at her mother’s home.

Lingo was arrested after her mother called 911 for help and informed the police that her daughter had killed her terrier mix as part of “a ritual sacrifice”.

Officers later found the dog’s body after it had been burned in a fire pit in the courtyard of the mother’s home.

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The house where Brianna Lingo’s mother lived with her pet terrier mix

It has also been alleged that Lingo confessed – both at the house and later in the police station after she was read her rights – to killing the dog by strangulation and then burning the animal.

After being arrested on Thursday (June 9), Lingo was taken to Randolph County Jail where she is being held on a $15,000 (£12,300) bond.

She was arraigned on Friday morning (June 10) and is due back in court for a bond hearing on Monday (June 21).

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Brianna Lingo allegedly confessed to officers at her mother's home that she had killed the dog
Brianna Lingo allegedly confessed to officers at her mother’s home that she had killed the dog

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Earlier this year a man called Jozef Daria killed his pet Chihuahua, Lily, at his home in Rotherham.

Officers in that case found the knife used to cut the pup’s neck at Daria’s house and he was sentenced to a two-year community order.

He was also ordered to undergo 25 days of rehab and was made to pay £95 in costs and to observe 90 days of alcohol abstinence.

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