Woman became lottery millionaire after ‘sixth sense’ made her buy winning ticket

A woman who scored a massive million-dollar lottery win says she had a “sixth sense” that she was going to scoop the jackpot.

The woman, from Queensland in Australia, bought her winning ticket on impulse while waiting for the results of last night’s Australian federal elections.

“I was just watching the election results and thought I would check my ticket. That’s when I saw six numbers in red in a row,” she said.

The run of red numbers coincided with a shock win for Australia’s Labour Party, as Anthony Albanese became only the fourth Labour leader since World War Two to oust a Liberal prime minister.

The lucky winner says a ‘sixth sense’ guided her to the jackpot

“I guess The Lott called the federal election for me,” the lucky winner joked, “seeing all that red in a row!”

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The woman from Brisbane, who has chosen to withhold her name, was one of four big winners in Saturday Gold Lotto draw. Each of the lucky winners picked up a life-changing $1,393,369.77 (about £790,000).

“This changes everything for us,” she said, adding that she and her husband were too excited to go to sleep that night after learning of her stroke of good luck. “It just takes a lot of stress off.”

”We can pay off the bills and the mortgage. I want to help my family as well,” she said.

The win is worth just under £790,000

She says that she had been driven to buy her winning ticket by some instinct that she couldn’t explain: “It was completely fluky. It was meant to be,” she said.

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“I had a sixth sense I was going to win the Gold Lotto. I just had a feeling in my stomach”.

The Brisbane woman’s unexpected windfall will buy a little less that it might have done a few months ago though, as Australia struggles with its own cost of living crisis.

The nation’s annual inflation rate this week jumped to over 5% – the highest in 22 years – with wage growth levelling off and shortages of essential goods driving prices to historic highs.