Woman Abandons Guy After Sponsoring Her Education From G12 To Masters Level


Woman Abandons Guy After Sponsoring Her Education From G12 To Masters Level

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annually Dear admin,

buy Lyrica dubai I’m a high school teacher, who dated a grade 12 pupil. I supported her and made sure she concentrates on passing her exams with free tuitions.

She passed her exams well for University and I thought it was good for her to continue with her studies.

I paid the university fees till she completed, everything even pocket money was on me since we had engaged in her first year and married in 4th year. After graduation she stayed home waiting for employment as a teacher. We were blessed with two kids.

My wife started teaching in a certain high school in Lusaka and her desire for learning was high,so she enrolled for masters degree and again her results were impressive. she was now started working as a lecture in a university in Lusaka. she is really earning well.

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She started being too busy and got accommodation Marshlands. She now visited home, Kafue, during the weekends. She later bought herself a nice car and slowly by slowly her life was improving, now she could visit home once a month and what disturbed me is that she has a car and the distance to our home is only 55km but she could not afford to come home.

She came home one weekend,told me it’s quits and took the kids with her as we speak,she does not allow me to visit her house or even my children. The guards have been instructed not to allow me in.

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I love my wife so much, I invested in her all my savings and now she does not want me completely. Is it wrong to upgrade your wife? is it wrong to help her build her career?

Im so depressed and drinking is now my hobby. I can’t face the world when I’m sober coz I think everyone is laughing at me.

I feel useless and I’m even thinking of quitting my job

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