Winky D Blueticks Bra From Thrown By Female Fan During Redefined Concert At HICC

Winky D continues performing after a female fan throws her bra on stage

Winky D gave a flawless performance on Saturday night at the Harare International Conference Center (HICC).

The Gaffa President as the Zimdancehall chanter is known by his legion of fans, was one of three musicians that performed at the Redefined Concert. Winky D performed after a memorable set by Handipere Power hitmaker Nutty O.

Winky D backed by the superb Vigilance Band, churned out hit after hit from his impeccable catalogue as he performed songs such as Swagga Muchando, Twenty Five, Happy Again among many others.

He had fans going crazy with his stellar performance as they sang along to his songs word for word and Winky D resorting to being a choirmaster for the most part of his performance.

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During Winky D’s performance on Saturday night, one female fan who graced the occasion decided to show him some love and appreciation by throwing him her bra. The Zimdancehall musician, unfortunately, continued unbothered by the gesture.

Winky D continued with his performance and left the bra untouched.

Winky D HICC
Winky D left a female fan’s bra untouched during a performance at the HICC on Saturday (Image Credit: earGround)


In related news, Winky D also teased a new song XYZ which promises to be a scorcher if released. Winky D sent the HICC which was filled to capacity into a frenzy when he performed the new song.

Here are the lyrics of Winky D’s new song, XYZ, based on the snippets posted online by fans who attended the concert:

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Handayiita ndoti XYZ Rudo pandiri uri one hapana zhet,

Anozvigona ega ngaauye kwete,

Ndatenga calendar ndiri kusimbisa madate

Asi kana zvapera, zvapera, usafighte chingozvinetera, 

Iko katsika kekudakufixer wawasiyana naye murudo kane kakuzvinyepera, 

Chenjera kuzvivhiringira life yako nekuda kubhohwa mafes,

Unenge uchapera mari nemabhanduru uchida kubhohwa mafes, 

Ita move on, bvunza why, kuramba uri zii ndicho chigayi, 

Zvekufinhurana zvinombotipei nhai

Better ubvunze XY uri Zii, why why

Kana kumbonditiwo hesi nhai chii, why why

Hongu takatukana tukana, ndokubva tabukana bukana, 

Ngatizivei tikawana mukana

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