A Florida mail carrier died Monday after being brutally mauled by five dogs after her truck broke down in a rural area, authorities say.

Jane Rock, 61, was screaming for help as the pack ambushed her, calling the attention of neighbors who arrived too late to stop the mauling, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.

Rock’s niece said she was new to the job and excited to start. Now, her family is enraged, questioning how the dogs’ owners could be so negligent.

“They did not just attack her, they were ripping her apart,” Rock’s niece, Kaydee Richley, told WTLV.

Neighbors tried to free Rock from the dogs’ grip but were unsuccessful, even after someone fired a rifle into the ground, cops said.

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By the time deputies arrived, the dogs had returned to their yard, which they had escaped by removing rocks under the fence.

Rock was flown to a trauma center in Gainesville with severe wounds, cops said. After losing too much blood, authorities said she died on Monday evening. The five dogs have since been euthanized.

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