Why Nigerian native doctors are more powerful than God

Famous Nigerian native doctor, Desency Emeka Ofiaeli, has declared that his gods are more powerful than God.

Desency is a popular native doctor who hails and lives in Anambra state.

He serves a popular goddess, known as, Eze Nwanyi Sobali. Taking to his Facebook page, Desency says his gods are more powerful than the white man’s ancestor, who happens to be God. 
In his post, he says he can never accept and worship the white man’s ancestor because his ancestors are here for him and have more powers than God. 
He wrote: “I’ve accepted my ancestors as my personal Lords and saviours. As for me and my family. I’ll never worship white man’s ancestor, where my ancestors are here for me and have power more than white man’s ancestor. 
I love my tradition, I love my ancestors.” 

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