Why I Stole 10 dead bodies from a cemetary – Police officer

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humanely Police officer has reportedly snatched at least ten dead bodies from a cemetaryat Gomoa Fawomaye Cemetery in the Central Region.

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The allegations were made by the Chief of Gomoa Fawomaye, Nana Okofo Kwakye Abeka Acquah III during a press conference.

The chief revealed that the police officer who is not from their community came to them and requested for land to do business, but they told him there’s no land available but defied their rule to work on the piece of land.

Police officer allegedly steals 10 dead bodies

The police officer was identified as  Supt. Robert Cobby stationed with the Sefwi Asawinso Police Command.

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He was heard saying

“the police officer hired a grader machine and with protection from armed police officers stormed the cemetery and cleared the land.

Upon further inspection made by the Chiefs, Elders, and residents showed that over 10 bodies had gone missing, suspecting that the police officer might have stolen it for money rituals or for Spiritual use.”

Police officer allegedly steals 10 dead bodies


He gave the police officer a one-week ultimatum to return all the stolen bodies or bear their wrath.

But Supt. Robert Cobby in a telephone interview with EIB Network’s Central Regional correspondent Yaw Boagyan called the bluff of the chief and elders and asked them to go to court if they have any issue.


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