Why I R*pe My Female Passengers – Okada Rider Suspect Makes Shocking Confession

The 36-year-old commercial motorcyclist sat with his head bent, wishing he could turn back the hands of time.

Michael Ovie, a native of Oghara in Delta State’s Ethiope West Local Government Area, is having the regret of his life, according to Sun News.

The 36-year-old commercial motorcyclist sat with his head bent, wishing he could turn back the hands of time.


Ovie is pleading for his life alongside 70 other criminals detained by state police officers for different crimes.

The perpetrator, armed with a dagger, was accused of rapping unsuspecting female passengers in the polytechnic city.

After sincerely picking and dropping passengers throughout the day, he will pick his would-be victim at dusk, according to our correspondent.

And while going to the desired destination of his supposed female passenger, he diverts into the bush, brings out his dagger, and threatens the victim before raping her.

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Besides, the forceful canal knowledge, the suspect also dispossess his victims of their belongings, including phones and other accessories.

Community sources said that a lot of female passengers have fallen victims to the antics of the suspected rapist.

But the suspect while being paraded by the state Commissioner of Police, Ari Muhammed Ali, said that only one person has been his victim before he was arrested.

For him, it was vengeance taken too far, as he admitted that he took the part of ignominy because some ladies had disappointed him in the past.

He said that he wooed ladies, and none of them agreed to be his lover after enjoying his money.

“One certain time, I wooed one girl but she ate my money and ran away. About three of them did that to me.

“One night, I met one girl on the road who look like one of those that had eaten my money.

“I carried her, went to rape and collect her phone. They ate my money. I do not kidnap them, but let them go after the act.

“I work with Okada during the day, but I carry them by night after the day’s work.

“I have been begging God for forgiveness since I was caught,” he stated.

Parading the suspect, CP Ali said that Ovie was arrested by a police patrol team in collaboration with officers of the army, at Tipper Junction in Ogharefe on April 19, 2021 at about 9:00 p.m.

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Saying that the case was still being investigated, Ali insisted that the suspect specialized in picking young girls at night as passengers and diverting them into the bush.

“He robs them of their belonging such as phones, bags etc and as well forcefully have carnal knowledge of them with the use of dagger.

“When the suspect was eventually arrested, one of his victim’s (name withheld) phone and other items belonging to the victim were recovered from him.

“Exhibit recovered from him included 18 sim cards, different phones, torch, three UBA ATM cards and other items,” Ali added.


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