Why I Ditched Nigeria For Ghana ─ Nigerian Immigrant From Akwa Ibom State Explains


http://entreconpensacola.com/wp-json/wp/v2/pages/257 According to SaharaReporters, Moses Harry, a Nigerian immigrant, has clarified why he chose to illegally Kharagpur migrate to Ghana rather than stay in Nigeria.

In an interview with SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami, Harry explained that he came to Ghana to find work through his older brother, who had been there for nearly two years.

He said he preferred buy gabapentin for dogs online uk Ghana to Nigeria because of the value of the Ghanaian cedi and that he would like to stay there despite the fact that he had not yet received his papers.

Harry, who was employed as an electrician in Nigeria, said that he had to quit because he was unable to support himself.

He said;

“I am Moses Emmanuel Harry from Akwa Ibom State. I came to Ghana to start a business with my brother, this is my brother’s business though, he is using this to put me through so I can start my own business too.

“I was also working in Nigeria but the payment was not enough for my upkeep so I decided to talk to my brother to assist me, I asked him if he would put me through when I come to Ghana. I was working as an electrician in a company in Nigeria, but the payment was too small and I decided to come to Ghana.

“I could have switched jobs but I already made up my mind to come to Ghana. I love my country but the leaders are turning it into something else, making the country hard for everyone. I came to Ghana on February 4 this year. Ghana cedi is more valuable than Nigerian money. The value of Ghana money is twice that of the naira.”

Speaking on his trip to Ghana despite the lockdown and ban on inter-country travel, he said he got to Ghana alongside 11 others via a ship.
According to him, he paid about N60, 000 to the travel agent, who took them through a lot of shortcuts both on land and sea. He described it as a ‘fun trip’.

“It was fun getting to Ghana, there was a mann he is my namesake. His name is Moses, and he tried to convince me that when I want, he will take me to Ghana. Though the border was closed, we passed many shortcuts. First of all, we boarded a ship, there were many of us. We were in an ocean, the ladies were scared but I was not. I was sitting comfortably there because it was fun. After the ship, we got to a place like Togo or Benin Republic where we saw a cab, we entered the cab; we boarded about four cabs before we got to Ghana.

“I had thought that a single bus will take us from Nigeria to Ghana, but no, we had to take a ship and I already paid the man. I paid N60, 000, if you convert it to Ghana, it should be 600 Ghana cedis. We were 12 on the trip, 5 girls and 7 men,” he said.

Harry said there were immigration officers in about 10 spots on the sea, who were ‘settled’ by the travel agent.

“There were immigration guys there. On the sea, we saw many immigration guys there, like the police. When we got to the first one, we bribed them. We came in contact with about 10 immigration checkpoints before we got to our destination. Most of them were collecting N1, 000; N2, 000; N3, 000 or N500 before we got there.

“The travel agent was the one paying because he never told us we will pass through the sea. He was even trying to frustrate us simply because we carried some bags along with us. We told him he never told us we will pay for our luggage,” he said.

Harry said his brother promised to get him a job in Ghana but since he came, his brother had told him to focus on starting a business that is profitable in Ghana.

“Ghana is cool. I have not been everywhere, just in this area. The arrangement I had with my brother was when I get to Ghana, he will get me a job but he said I should do business instead, that I will not be satisfied with a job. He said business is good in Ghana. Once I learn very well, I will start mine.

“But I’m not that good at business but if I get a job, I will do it well because I am a very hardgworking man. So far you pay me my money; I am okay with a job. I can’t go back to Nigeria because I have to complete this thing I have started. I love Ghana. I prefer Ghana to Nigeria; I will get my papers very soon,” he said.

When asked if he could venture into internet fraud like some young Nigerians in Ghana, Harry said he would never do that.

“I can never be into internet fraud because that is not my line. I don’t like it, I have been into it before but I had to stop, my people will disown me for that and my conscience will condemn me.

“When I see people doing fraud, I feel it is their luck but it is not good to cheat your fellow human being to get money,” he said.


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