Who Is Tessa Ballam? Suicide and Bullying Myers Controversy Cause Of Death What Happened With Her?

Recently, a horrifying piece of news has come forward where it is being reported that a woman named Tesla Ballam has committed suicide. Yes, Tessa Ballam who was an accountant at Myer reportedly took her own life after falling victim to workplace bullying. The woman had informed her family and friends about how she was getting bullied at her workplace. It is really unfortunate to lose a woman having a high IQ and passion to live at such a young age. Ever since the news came to light, netizens are searching about the matter. Here’s everything we know about it.

Tessa Ballam

According to the court hearings, it is coming forward that due to Tessa’s work quality and her habit of arriving late, the manager of the office was having issues. Tessa found the manager unpredictable and had complained that he treated her like a child. She had also shared that the standards applied to her were quite different from what had applied to her colleagues and that she didn’t like it and felt uncomfortable. Tessa was an aspiring woman who lived in Melbourne. Recently, she had bought a property there and was also planning to celebrate Christmas with her family with great enthusiasm.

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Who Was Tessa Ballam

The night before Tessa Ballam committed suicide, she informed her mother that she feels defeated and thinks of her as a failure. Tessa’s mother named Julie Ballam had joined the court virtually from her residence in New Zealand. She told the court that she was very close to Tessa and how they shared everything with each other. Tessa’ mother continued that her daughter had told her about her manager bullying her on a regular basis. Earlier, Tessa had received an official warning related to her performance in the given work. It was given the same day when she killed herself.

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As per sources, Tessa was not able to focus on her performance due to the continuous bullying. She was losing confidence every passing day and eventually decided to kill herself. Now, Tessa Ballam’s suicide has resulted in health and safety charges against Myer. Her death has impacted the company significantly. Talking about who was Tessa Ballam, she had committed suicide on August 15, 2015. Her cause of death was suicide and she was only 31-years-old at the time of her death. Sources claim that Tessa had depression and also a history of disordered eating along with anxiety and personality disorder. Tessa’s friend Allen Bell had confirmed about her being bullied at the workplace in front of the court.

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