Who Is Tereza Hluskova? Czech Model Wiki Bio Imprisoned in Pakistan Over Drugs Is Acquitted

Hey, you must have heard about the girl who was nabbed by the police of Lahore after cops found her involvement in smuggling heroin. Well, Tereza Hluskova a Czech model who was sentenced to over 8 years in prison after being found involved in a smuggling case of narcotics in the year 2019, and at that time she was also fined Rs 0.13 Million, however, her accomplice was freed from the jail and also from the case but she was still behind the bars.

Tereza Hluskova

As per the reports, Tereza was travelling from Abu Dhabi to Ireland on January 10 2018 while she was taken into custody by some of the customs officials at Lahore Airport after they found a total of 9 Kilograms of Heroin in her luggage. The News was started to surface on the internet and the name was grabbing almost all of the headlines across the globe after all finding drugs and that too in such huge quantity is not an easy thing. In March 2019 a sessions court sentenced Tereza to eight years and the same number of months stay in jail but in the same year in the month of April, she came up and challenged her conviction into the case, where she stated that it was not her who was taking the drugs in her luggage but someone had put that pack in her suitcase.

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Who Is Tereza Hluskova?

Well, as per the reports some are claiming that she is just 22 years old while Daily Mail says that she is 25 years old Czech model who was sentenced to prison for 8 years and 8 months but later when she observed or whatever happened with her she took a stand where she challenged her sentence in the court of Lahore and there she filed an appeal saying that it was not actually her who was travelling along with drugs but someone secretly keeps those packs into her bag due to which she was nabbed at the airport.

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However, after a long fight against injustice, it was proved that she is innocent and finally news came that filled her life and all of her kin’s life with colors of joy, and today the LHC members’ bench accepted her bail application after a long fight. Stay tuned to get more updates across the globe.