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how to buy Lyrica online Sebastian Eubank, Chris Eubank’s son, died in Dubai days before his 30th birthday and a month after becoming a parent, according to a statement sent by the family on Saturday.

http://gustavosylvestre.com/ According to SLEEKGIST, Sebastian was born in Hove, England, but had been living in Dubai, where he was a “pioneer in the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and alternative therapies,” according to the family statement.
Sebastian was a smart thinker who wanted to challenge established wisdom in addition to being a personal trainer and a professional boxer.

Chris Eubank confirms the death of his son Sebastian in heartbreaking  statement | Goss.ie

Sebastian Eubank Age

buying Seroquel Sebastian Eubank was 29 years old.

Wife – Son

“He leaves his wife

Sebastian Eubank Cause of Death

The son of former British boxing champion Chris Eubank was found dead on a beach in Dubai days before his 30th birthday, his family said.

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Sebastian Eubank, the third of five siblings, leaves behind his wife Salma and his newborn son Raheem, according to the family statement.

“I never imagined that I would write these words or experience the feeling I have now for the loss of my son,” 54-year-old former British middleweight champion Chris Eubank said in the statement.

Sebastian grew up in Hove, England, but had been living in Dubai, where he was “a leader in adopting a healthy lifestyle and alternative therapies,” the family statement said. “In addition to being a personal trainer and a professional boxer, Sebastian was also a deep thinker who liked to challenge accepted wisdom.

“He was loved and respected by all who knew him and will forever be in the thoughts of friends and family. As a family, we now kindly ask that we be given space and privacy to celebrate his life and remember his son, brother, husband. “. , the friend, “said the family statement.

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Sebastian’s brother Chris Eubank Jr, who is also a professional boxer, said on his official Twitter account on Saturday: “Rest easy, little brother. I love you and we will always miss you.”

“I haven’t cried since I was 12 … yesterday I cried all day. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to watch your back like a big brother is supposed to do. I can’t believe you’re really missing, but you’ll always be in me. heart, mind, and spirit, “said Chris Eubank Jr.

“My brother Sebastian Eubank was a special man … a righteous man … who always put others before himself. A man of many talents, boxing, MMA, poetry, music, training, cooking, the list goes on, but the most important thing for him was helping others less fortunate than him, “said Chris Eubank Jr.

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“Now your legacy will live on through your beautiful newborn son and I will treat him as my own. Watch over us until we meet again, the young lion,” said Chris Eubank Jr.

“And for everyone reading this right now, DO NOT take ANY of your loved ones for granted. See them, talk to them, check them as much as possible because you never know if that time will be the last time. I love you bro.” said Chris Eubank Jr.


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