The deadliest working environment shooting throughout the entire existence of Connecticut occurred on August 3, 2010. A 34-year-elderly person, Omar Thornton shot his colleagues leaving eight dead and two seriously harmed.

Many have seen the mass shooting as a battle against bigotry since Thornton blamed the organization representatives for prejudice. Notwithstanding, the police never tracked down any significant proof to demonstrate his case.

Who Is Omar Thornton? Hartford Distributors Shooting Suspect Omar Thornton was a previous worker of Hartford Distributors, a merchant of Budweiser lager and wine.

On August 3, 2010, Thornton was brought by the organization to fire him over charges of robbery. The 34-year-old unobtrusively marked the proclamation of acquiescence and everybody thought he was leaving the premises.

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Nonetheless, he took out a weapon from his lunchbox and terminated it at his colleagues. The shooting ended the existences of eight individuals and two were seriously harmed. It is the most incredibly awful working environment shooting throughout the entire existence of Connecticut.

Omar Thornton Trial And Sentence: Is He In Jail? Omar Thornton committed suicide after the mass shooting.

Following the shooting, he called his mom and made sense of why he did what he did. The worker referenced that everybody in his work environment racially manhandled him as the majority of the representatives were white.

In addition, he likewise settled on a decision to 911 and let the administrator know that he “want to kill more individuals.” He then, at that point, made the weapon and effort himself, meaning the case never went to preliminary.

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Omar Thornton Family: Where Are They Now? Omar Thornton’s family over and again faulted the organization for racially mishandling him, prompting his passing.

His better half, Kristi let the Police know that she had seen a racial noose composed on the restroom divider. Two of his family members were captured for utilizing the property taken by him too.

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