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These days, social media has converted into a sensational platform where anything is getting viral and remaining the subject of discussion no matter what is the content inside. Something similar is again reported, where TikToker Najma popular Somali content creator has set the platform on fire. Ever since the user got acquainted with a viral TikTok song including four languages in one version. Now everyone is paying attention to get the brief details, as they do not want to be ignorant from each activity of her, because when something comes into the limelight on social media, it brings the curiosity as well to figure out everything behind the trend.

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Who Is Najma on Tiktok

According to the reports, Najma is a famous Somali content creator whose videos set the fire on such platforms this is the reason her immense popularity is hitting the headlines. Because still, the numeric of her followers are increasing which seems appropriate enough. Her content video is spreading like a wildfire all over the internet, and almost everyone is liking it as well. After being inspired by Najma many TikTokers started making videos on Somali Home Invaders on TikTok, because whenever she posts her video it gets massive likes and appreciation.


Najma is a rising TikTiker who is getting appreciation due to her “Somali Home Invaders” videos she is well-popular as a fashion lover as well. She belongs to Sonali from Kenya, as everyone knows that TikTok is such a platform that became the cause of success for some people. This is the reason almost everyone uses the app besides those states where the app is banned. Not enough detail regarding her personal stuff is shared by her because there are high possibilities that she loves to keep her personal life private, so hence when we will get more we will update you.

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More than 12k people have followed her on Instagram as she has shared around 63 posts and all these posts got immense responses from the audience. She has seen active on various platforms while sharing her photos and videos quite often. But her TikTokaccount has caught the heat ever since her content appeared on the app, and enhanced the curiosity of the uncounted to no more about her. But due to a lack of information, her personal stuff will take some more time to come in front of the users, so stay connected with us.


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