Who is Leonard Robinson Boston (POLEBOY DRose)? Is He Killer of Dejah Starr?




Once again, a quite frightening incident is reported from Boston which made everyone shocked enough, because no one expected that such a worst news will hit their faces. Yes, you heard right, a residence of Boston called Dejah Starr murdered news is being circulated on all over the internet, and Leonard Robinson is suspected as the killer. Ever since, the news came to the fore several reports also took place, which are claiming the different stories behind the scene, and created confusion among the users as well. So below you can check the comprehensive details about the case.

Leonard Robinson Boston Dejah Starr

According to the reports, Dejah Starr was a beautiful female who stays in Brooklyn along with her baby, recently she grabbed the limelight ever since her murder news is being circulated on social media. Even the sources are claiming that her boyfriend Leonard Robinson is the suspect of her murder. Uncounted people are paying tribute to her on social media especially all those, who are close to her as their close one is no more among them. Even everyone is demanding strict actions against the culprit who became the cause of someone’s unexpected demise and seeking justice for her as well.

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As per the exclusive reports, Leonard Robinson is living in Boston now who is the suspect of Dejah Starr’s murder, even the concerned department of Lowell has issued a BOLO for him. However, it’s not clear whether he is a murderer of her or not because the investigation is under process. Hence, as soon as the investigation is going several unknown facts are coming which are creating havoc among everyone. The case became tricky because no one is a witness to it, this is the reason investigation is taking time to figure out the exact truth behind the news.

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Hitherto, no reaction has been made from her family’s side regarding the case this is the reason news is remaining the subject of discussion. Even, the concerned department did not share any further statements, so hence whenever we will get more we will make you acquainted for sure, because our team is looking forward to getting more pieces of information as the users are paying attention to make themselves familiar with such further, details. So unless the genuine one arrives, you should not consider any false narrative.


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