Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz was the superb suspect on account of his missing sweetheart, Pamle. However, looking for Pamela, his significant other lost in 1989 was found by the cops.

The wrongdoing led by Jose and how the specialists and police viewed him to be entirelyliable has been portrayed in the most recent episode of the NBC show, Dateline.

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Who Is Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz? Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz is a previous military official who was at that point wedded prior to meeting Marta Rodriguez. Despite the fact that he was hitched to his first spouse, he wedded Marta Rodriguez on February 3, 1984, in Puerto Rico.

Martha knew nothing about his first spouse, and Jose kept his two wives in better places to keep away from reality coming out. Yet, Mata learned about his subsequent spouse, and because of this, she was mishandled by Jose.

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Martha went to the police and particular specialists to tell about her better half’s attack on her. She was approached to affirm against him in court with respect to all his errors on her yet before she could affirm she disappeared.

Jose was associated with his sweetheart Pamela, and she additionally disappeared. On examination of her missing, he was gotten some information about her whereabouts, however he denied having any contact with her as they separated. In any case, in CC film he was seen alongside her.

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Dateline Latest Episode On Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz, Killer Of Pamela Butler And Marta Rodriguez Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz is a killer who killed his better half, Pamela Butler, and his significant other, Marta Rodriguez. The most recent episode of the NBC series, Dateline will zero in on the Jose Angel Rodriguez case.

Jose was condemned to 12 years in jail in April 2017 for Pamela’s homicide. He conceded that he had beaten and choked Pamel after a contention broke out between them.

He was viewed as at fault for second-degree murder and uncovered where he had covered her body, yet during the examination of the covering place, the dead body of his significant other Martha was likewise found.

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Is Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz Still In Jail? Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz Status Today Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz is as yet in prison for his wrongdoings and is as yet paying for the violations in jail. He was condemned to jail in 2017 for a long time for killing Pamela.

Be that as it may, after the uncover of him killing his better half, the discipline on him has expanded to 40 years in jail.

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