Who Is Jah Cure? Jamaican Reggae Star Sentenced To Six Years In Prison Charges Explained

One of the noted Jamaican reggae musicians whom you all know as Jah Cure, or Iyah Cure is currently going through a situation where perhaps his listeners will not listen to him because the artist is currently hitting the bricks because he has been booked for attempted manslaughter and got sentenced to six years imprisonment. However the court later did not find him guilty in the stabbing but it also came to know that when he stated that whatever he did was just to defend himself, the court rejected his statement.

Who Is Jah Cure? Reggae Star Sentenced To Six Years In Prison Charges Explained

Franklin Wattimena, a press officer of the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service, told that the 43 years old Jamaican Musician Jah Cure was booked in manslaughter charged and was recently sentenced to six years in prison in the Netherlands. However, the man was not found guilty by the court but his claim of self-defense was also rejected by the court.

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Who Is Jah Cure?

Born on 11 October 1978, in Hanover Parish, Jamaica the 43 years old musical artist or better say The Prison Walls artist, whose real name is Siccaturie Alcock, wounded occasion advertiser Nicardo ‘Daddy’ Blake, 45, on October 1 at Dam Square, in the downtown area of Amsterdam, where he was reserved for an exhibition. 45 years old musician Jah Cure had performed at Blake’s show, two days prior, in the Melkweg.

In any case, he had not been paid his exhibition charge of 5,000 euros. Blake, who is at the top of the Roots Vibes Promotion organization in the Netherlands, was hospitalized with wounds to the mid-region. As per the sources it came to know that when the case was going in the court the prosecutor demanded the Jamaican singer be sentenced to eight years, with time served, for attempted murder and assault.

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Although Cure’s lawyer then stated that whatever was done by Jah Cure was only in self-defense and he even said that his client never had the intention to stab the man, and had a good relationship with the man who got stabbed accidentally by him. Well, much info is yet to be revealed so till then stay connected with us to get all the latest updates on crime and leaked stuff across the globe.