Who is Gorilla Glue Girl (Tessica Brown) Viral TikTok Video Shows Hair Malfunction

On TikTok, there are so many better creators who always try their best to entertain their audience but except for entertainment the platform is being used to spread knowledge as well. So, today we are talking about the famous TikToker known as Gorilla Glue Girl whose got immense popularity just accidentally and as usual, after getting the hype she started to keep her fan base anyhow. So, today we are talking about Tessica Brown who is again in the trend for her hair malfunction.

Gorilla Glue Girl (Tessica Brown)

The social media sensation who got immense popularity post being stuck at a hair problem is now grabbing the headlines once again. We would like to tell you that this is the same girl who previously went viral for her Gorilla Glue ponytail and the girl is now again grabbing the headlines as she is again facing some hair fall problems post taming her mane. Miss Brown recently took her social media where she posted a video showing what happened with her hair after she dyed them and you will be shocked to know that this time Brown is all set to get a bald version of her and it has become a controversial deal as everyone wants to know if there is another way to stay keep her hairs.

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Well, in the video you will watch Brown explaining that how she got this problem. Basically, she went to the salon because she wanted to cover some grays and for this, she went to get her hair dye, however, the scene was sorted as there was no problem with that dye and all but the problem began when she went for a shower and noticed a bunch of hairs in her hands while washing her hairs and the scene begin for her being in a trend she also stated that now she is thinking that there is no other way except for getting her head trimmed completely.

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In the video you will watch, Brown shows her head that she is covering with the towel and then she shows her head after removing her towel. She even combs her hair to show the problem and as a usual chunks of hair come with the comb. Let’s see if she really gets a bald look. Stay tuned with us to get more updates across the globe.

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