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Brady Wearn & Mary Bedenbaugh Wiki – Brady Wearn &Mary Bedenbaugh Biography

Brady Wearn and Mary Bedenbaugh came on May 2 after their 4-month-old infant died, according to officials.
The baby was discovered unconscious in a Prosperity location and later pronounced dead at the hospital.

SLEEKGIST gathered that according to the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office, toxicology results ultimately revealed the baby had cocaine in his body and bottles.
According to the article, authorities discovered that the baby died as a result of cocaine ingestion.
According to toxicology results, Wear and Bedenbaugh also had cocaine, fentanyl, and marijuana in their systems.

Brady Wearn & Mary Bedenbaugh Age

cheap flights lyrics Brady Wearn, 18, and arrantly Mary Bedenbaugh is 17 years old.

Charges – Arrested

The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office says two parents have been charged with child abuse manslaughter after an investigation revealed that cocaine was in their 4-month-old son’s system when they died.

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“These are very difficult and time-consuming cases that investigators have to resolve, and we have to wait for evidence to be done on the items, which takes a few weeks,” stated Sheriff Foster. “This is exactly why we take the fight against drugs so seriously. Drug use and abuse are not victimless crimes ”.

On May 2, officials say EMS responded to the residence on Duckbill Road for reports that an infant was unresponsive and not breathing. Authorities say the 4-month-old baby was taken to Newberry Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

According to authorities, toxicology reports showed a measurable amount of cocaine in the baby’s system, as well as measured cocaine in the baby’s bottles.

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Coroner Kneece said: buy ivermectin scabies online “These cases are very difficult and emotional from the beginning with a baby involved. The cooperation of multiple agencies is needed from the beginning. I am very proud of the dedication of ALL the agencies involved and how easy it was for everyone to work together. ”

Agents say the parents were 18-year-old Brady Lynden Wearn and 17-year-old Mary Catherine Bedenbaugh. Authorities say both parents received arrest warrants for manslaughter for child abuse and illegal conduct toward a child. During the investigation, officials say both parents were tested for drugs that came back positive for cocaine, fentanyl, and marijuana.

In May, Foster said investigators found the baby was not breathing and unresponsive and that the baby’s parents, Brady Wearn, 18, and Mary Bedenbaugh, 17, had tested positive for cocaine, fentanyl and marijuana. .

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Foster also says that the boy not only had high levels of cocaine in his system, but the drug was also found in the bottles. They admitted to being heavy users of narcotics. They didn’t go so far as to say they gave the boy cocaine, “Foster said.

San Mateo Wearn and Bedenbaugh are charged with manslaughter for child abuse and illegal conduct towards a child. A baby is practically defenseless. A baby depends on the parents for its safety and well-being, “Foster said. Foster noted that there were no reports from neighbors about the child being abused in any way. The next step is for Wearn and Bedenbaugh to appear before a court judge. circuit.


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