Who Is Abolo Beckham Tiwa Savage Boyfriend Controversy Over The Leaked Tape Video

Tiwa Savage is considered one of the most iconic singers of Nigeria. She is behind many blockbuster songs. She fetched a huge number of fans with her sparkling voice. But recently, the actress is being surrounded by controversies. Most lately, a video is getting viral wherein she is featuring along with her boyfriend. She stated that an anonymous tried to blackmail her and demanded money, but she denied giving any money and says she will upload the video herself. She called herself crazy and says she has enough courage to publicise the video.

Abolo Beckham

Well, Tiwa also said that his boyfriend isn’t part of our industry. She further says that he is a regular man. She further said that her boyfriend and her and just afraid for each other otherwise she can handle everything. As of now, it seems that the details of his boyfriend are getting viral all over the Internet. A sum of people is claiming that it is Abolo Beckham in the video along with Tiwa Savage in the viral video. However, Tiwa and Abolo haven’t stated anything on this, but netizens are claiming for that.

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Besides, Abolo Beckham is a well-known businessman of a major city and one of the prominent hubs of petroleum industries in Southern Nigeria named Warri. Savage’s fans are claiming that Tiwa is in a relationship with Abolo and he is the same person featured in the viral video. If we talk about Abolo’s family he is living in a relationship with a woman and has two daughters living in Ghana currently. Most lately, Abolo was spotted in London along with his family, they are on a vacation. It is being said that Tiwa come in contact with Beckham after his ex dating partner named Obama Habeeb.

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Furthermore, Abolo Beckham is a middle-aged man assumed to be around 40 to 45 years old. His authentic birth details are being reviewed as of now. As we mentioned that Beckham is one of the most popular businessmen, he has accumulated enormous wealth. His net worth is assumed $3 to $7 million. On another hand, Tiwa Savage is 41 years old and expected to possess a net worth of $12 million.

While coming back to the major issue, Tiwa informed that she was being blackmailed after receiving a video featuring herself with Beckham through a significant Social Media platform. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.

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