What’s Actually Inside the Hunchback? Checkout Causes, Early Symptoms and How to Prevent It

The irregular body act; hunchback which is otherwise called kyphosis, can be depicted as the imperfection of the bone whereby the spinal line takes a bizarre structure or bend in the upper back.

Prior to the invention of formal education by the British, many African belief system have defined the situation of the hunchback into quite a number of things. Many superstitious beliefs and perceptions have been created due to inadequate education and awareness by the people at that time. Some indigenous traditions of old; believe that the hunchback is a sign of rejection from the gods/ancestors, others were of the opinion that; the hunchback is a symbol of wealth and a rare blessing from the gods. But whatever the belief might be, it is just mere superstitions, and they are apparently not correct according to scientific proves and study. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

In this article, I shall be educating you on the causes of hunchback, it’s early symptoms and it possible corrections. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

As enumerated earlier, hunchback is a spinal cord form defect that is usually caused by an excessive curving of the back. The excessive curving of the back of a person can lead to the early formation of hunchback (according to scientific proves). People with hunchback sometimes experience pains or difficulty in breathing due to the arch shape formed at their back.

Here are some other causes of hunchback; 

Hunchback can occur at any age of a person’s life but it is usually common in babies because of their tender bones.

Apart from being born with the spinal cord defect, every other form of hunchback is caused due to poor posture; it is called postural kyphosis.

Some known causes of hunchback could be ageing (most especially if you have a poor posture), surgical complications, muscle weakness, bone degeneration diseases, slipped discs, scoliosis, spinal cord injury and a few others.

Possible Treatment 

I know many of you would ask if it’s possible to treat or correct the hunchback situation, the answer is “yes”. Although, chronic cases of hunchback and huge back curves would need surgical measure to correct, but the early stage of hunchback can be corrected and discouraged by keeping a good body posture as shown in the photos below. 

Other treatment to the hunchback is simply meeting medical experts, taking up yoga training, loosing excessive weight and wearing posture corrective apparatus.

Finally, most people with hunchback don’t experience physical pains in their body or back region, what they experience is the pain of rejection, discrimination, hate from people,  and lack of care. Please, we should not discriminate people with hunchback, rather we can show love and care to them, they are humans with emotions just like you too, and whenever you see someone wrongly positioned, make sure you correct them.

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