Marietta Giannakou was previous Greek instruction pastor and legislator of the New Democratic Party of Greece.

Marietta died at 70 years old in a tactical clinic where she was as of late treated on Sunday.

New Democracy MP Marietta Giannakou was hospitalized late Saturday night after her fall and treated in the emergency unit 251 Hellenic Air Force General Hospital.

What Befell Marietta Giannakou? Passing Cause As indicated by the new reports distributed in Washingtonpost, Marietta Giannakou’s passing reason is accounted for as extended medical problems like diabetes and kidney issues.

Her condition was viewed as genuine by the specialist. She died in a Military emergency clinic on Sunday.

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Giannakou was not relied upon to decide in favor of the doubt goal recorded by the resistance SYRIZA.

Marietta was born in Geraki Lakonias, and she turned into a specialist and neuropsychologist at the University of Athens School of Medicine.

Marietta was an individual from the Greek Parliament a bad habit director of the Parliamentary Commission on European Affairs.

Moreover, Marietta was an individual from the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Affairs and Defense and an individual from the Parliamentary Commission inside the Party to explore drug issues.

Giannakou led the Greek Friendship Group between the Greek and Polish Parliament.

She turned into the public facilitator and an individual from the Council of the European Union’s Horizontal Working Group on Drugs.

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Marietta was additionally a previous individual from the European Parliament and a previous top of the New Democratic Party appointment of the European Parliament.

Marietta Giannakou Was Married To Husband Panagiotis Koutsikos. Marietta Giannakou was hitched to her significant other Panagiotis Koutsikos in 1983.

Panagiotis is accounted for to be an electrical specialist by his initial calling.

Giannakou had a past filled with medical issues, including a new fall at home.

She had a respiratory failure six years prior and needed to cut off her leg because of diabetic complexities.

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Marietta was a prepared neuropsychiatric and filled in as Minister of Education from 2004 to 2007.

She was the seat of the Balkan/Middle East Regional Group of the Dublin Group of the Council of the European Union.

Marietta stood firm on fundamental footings in the Politburo of the European People’s Party.

Marietta was a previous Minister of Health, Welfare, and Social Security and a previous individual from the Greek Parliament.

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