Young and promising artist Pabi Cooper recently faced criticism for being selected as a sports presenter for the SABC’s upcoming Good Morning Qatar Sports Show. The musician appeared to be surprised by the fans’ reaction, as many had negative things to say about her as the show host.

Twitter went crazy when the media personality currently taking the industry by storm revealed that she had been selected to host the show. Many users claimed that she didn’t deserve it and that there were many qualified sports presenters out there who were unemployed. Many have even asserted that Pabi Cooper was only chosen as the sports presenter because she is famous and attractive, not because she has the necessary skills. It seems South Africans appreciate her behind the mic doing that only and not on screens, even though many people adore her music, and she continues to release hit after hit.

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Pabi Cooper
Pabi Cooper – Image Credit: Instagram/Pabi Cooper

People didn’t seem to budge as they continued to throw all sorts of negativity in her direction despite her attempts to try and calm the crowd down by claiming and providing evidence that she didn’t just wake up and be handed this on a silver platter but that she wanted to become a sports presenter from the time she was in high school. Pabi revealed that she has always been passionate about sports and that she was even the head girl of sports in her school. In addition, she also demonstrated to the audience that she has been playing soccer for as long as she can remember by showing them pictures of her playing the game in the past. However, it seems nothing will keep the girl down, and she is adamant about securing the bag.

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Cooper Pabi has recently experienced great success in her career, hosting international events and leading a lavish lifestyle. The influencer recently announced on Instagram that she had won a CMH Mazda Hatfield ambassadorial deal, received a brand-new car, and is also an ambassador for Shield. The young woman is persistent and seriously thriving.

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