Weed smoker exposes Rev Obofour after he hired him to smoke in church for a deliverance service

Recall that recently, a viral  video went online in which  Rev Obofour was doing the unthinkable during a church service and Ghanaians were indeed shocked.

The man of God urged a man on to smoke marijuana during church service at a three-day church programme organised by one Ghanaian preacher, Abruku Abruka.

Reverend Obofour, who was invited as a guest preacher at the church event, asked if anyone in the church had marijuana in his/her possession.

A man identified as Razak owned up with a small box containing one roll of wee and Rev Obofour asked him to light it up to confirm if it was truly marijuana so he could deliver him from the smoking habit and he complied.

See that video below:

All things considered, the man being referred to has turned out with another variant of the story which has end up confirming that a few ministers in Ghana do contract individuals to perform counterfeit wonders.

As indicated by the youngster addressing Nana Agraada on Thunder TV, uncovered that the weed was given to him by Abruku Abruka and told that Rev. Obofour on the said day would get him out and ought to obey and follow up on whatever he says.

The ‘weed smoker’ said that he is certifiably not a weed smoker and has never smoked that hard substance yet he needed to gather the mental fortitude to smoke within the sight of the crowd which included some police officers.

Razak further explained that upon fulfilling his part of the deal, he is yet to receive the money and the shopping spree he was promised.

Rev Obofour however denied the case and said that he has never paid anybody to lie about anything or represent him to get prasies . He blamed one Nana Agradaa for making an attempt to discolor his picture due to his forthcoming 31st Night campaign which a year ago pulled more than 16,000 individuals.

The Ghanaian Pastor warned that henceforth he is not going to sit back and watch people tarnish his image publicly. He affirmed that he will fight back because overtaking is allowed in business.


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