“We Reject The Tomfoolery” – Teachers Mock Govt’s Latest Offer For 20% Salary Hike, US$100 + Benefits

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Zimbabwe’s teachers’ unions have scoffed at the government’s latest offer, describing it as woefully inadequate. The teachers are arguing that they are incapacitated and are demanding US$540 per month.

On the other hand, the government has offered a 20 per cent salary increment as well as an additional US$100 per month in hard currency. The government has also introduced non-monetary benefits.

Teachers will now import cars duty-free as part of the benefits. In addition, the government will be paying school fees for the children of teachers and giving them a transport facility to ferry them to their workstations.

However, teachers unions have mocked the government’s offer and insisted they want to be paid a meaningful wage. The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (Artuz) said,

We note attempts to deflate the Trs struggle by yellow Unions who are having clandestine meetings with the anti worker employer. Such meetings have produced a laughable increment. Trs remain incapacitated until USD 540 is restored! We reject the Tomfoolery.

For the record yellow Unions is a term used globally to refer to Unions which romanticize with employers. Such are not grounded in ideology Of the working class. They flirt with capital. It has nothing to do with the colors of the contemporary political parties in Zimbabwe.

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) also rejected the offer saying,

Gvt is not serious about the situation. Teachers are actually broke, they need food on the table and money to go back to work, real money, not smoke and mirrors promised for March. Promises are not a currency. We need the money NOW, and the figure is US$540. Tanzwanana here?

We hear that gvt has announced, on TV, some kind of salary adjustment, some of it with effect from March. You can’t ditch negotiations for unilateral media-based announcements. This year started on 1 Jan 2022, and we expect all adjustments w.e.f that date, including the USD540.

The secretary-general of the union Raymond Majongwe added,


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