Watch: Cruel Wild Dogs Feast On A Live Wildebeest

In an intense and horrific video, a pack of wild dogs is captured mercilessly feasting on a wildebeest.

Wildebeest (also known as gnus) are not easy prey for small-sized wild dogs due to their stamina. The wildebeest is very dangerous when attacked, and in fighting, they rely upon using their hard and sharp horns that can badly injure the victim.

But in a video that has gone viral, one wildebeest was a victim of hungry wild dogs who ruthlessly killed it despite its stamina. In a video shared on Facebook, a pack of wild dogs is seen mercilessly killing the gnus.

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In brutally killing the prey, three predators are seen sinking their teeth into the wildebeest’s muzzle while other dogs are disembowelling the prey.

The helpless prey tries to fight but fails to break loose from the ruthless scavengers since it is outnumbered and badly injured.


You can watch the video below:



The video has generated more traffic, with netizens sharing their opinions about the intense ‘fight’ between the two species.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens who watched the clip.

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Shone K Thomas

It was too good if these wild dogs and hyenas had undergone extinction. They eat prey alive and with no mercy.

Mahender Singh Rawat

How cruel! Beast with so much big size and power not escaping from the wild dogs…feasting on live beast…Nature is brave.

Shankar A Naik

Horrible it is.!! Look at the hyenas, how mercilessly tearing off of the live beast inch by inch.!! They do not leave even the lions or tigers if found singly isolated. The collective continued attack on their prey in all directions seems to be the gluttons’ plan to finish off it alive. Many times, these wild dogs are in the habit of daring tactfully to steal/snatch the parts of prey hunted by others, even. This is nature’s incredible plan to arrange for their respective foods, is it not.??!!

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