Watch | Zimbabwean Musician Goes On National Radio While High And Attacks The Presenter

An upcoming Zimdancehall artiste and actor, who is widely known as Solo on Naiza Boom, is making waves on social media after a video of him looking visibly high during an interview on ZiFM Stereo went viral.

In the video, Solo is seen donning a Lakers jersey while in conversation with a female radio presenter who is struggling to discern his responses to interview questions.

Musician Goes On National Radio While High And Attacks The Presenter
Solo, the musician who went on National Radio while high and attacked the presenter. (cred Naiza Boom)


Despite the predicament, the presenter tries to be patient with Solo throughout the whole three-minute interview attempt. It is only towards the end of the video that Solo clumsily gets up from his seat to attack the presenter for prematurely ending the conversation.

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Watch the video below:



However, most Zimbabweans have dismissed the video as a skit, with many citing that no radio station would not have a prep conversation with the interviewee to check their fitness for a conversation.

Below are some of the reactions:

Tmt Tonhodzai

Hahaha this is the first time hearing about him and on a bad note. This is all utter rubbish. Before you interview someone on radio you do a pre-interview. That’s the reason why!!!

Lennie Leroy Mabika

Hahahahahaha you guys you are very desperate that Solo is just a piece of nonsense. Everything in Zimbabwe is now looking like a joke to an extent that someone might die while in need of a serious help.So the cameraman had to run to Mr Solo for a rescue of the lady

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Jacob Adamsk Kaseke

a well polished skit must always leave people wondering if it’s real or not.

Surely if that was real the camera man could have easily intervened

Slyson Ngwenya

This reminds me of when Sulumani Chimbetu & Ochestra Dendera Kings released the song Batai munhu.. While he was on an interview and listeners were calling giving feedback. There was one particular caller who actually said to him..mukoma sulu, haa makapenga..and he gave his thanks..and the caller said but ndokumbirawo chinhu one,..Batai gumbo rapresenter ..the presenter was a lady and they quickly sent us to the commercials

Chishongo WekwaZvimba

Zimbabwean Musician Goes On National Radio While High And Attacks The Presenter

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