Watch Women Advise Martha’s Husband To Forgive Her And Keep The Family Intact

A number of women have dashed to the support of a heavily pregnant Zambian woman, identified as Martha, who was caught by her husband in bed, taking back shots from her pastor.

The video shows Martha’s husband walking in on her bent over with the pastor behind her. Seeing her husband, Martha hurriedly jumps off the bed as the pastor quickly wears his boxers to cover the essentials.

Women Advise Martha's Husband To Forgive Her And Keep The Family Intact
Martha x Pastor


In the room, a line of lit candles arranged towards traditional and modern pots can be seen in what many have dubbed ritual sex to probably ensure that the child is delivered well.

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Reacting to the development, women sarcastically advised Martha’s husband to be strong and pray for his marriage, while some bluntly expressed that it serves him right, in compensation for all the women who have been hurt by men.

Dr.Rev.Sis.Prof.Engr. Hajiya Distractionist 

He should forgive her and move on with his family, women are polygamous in nature…. Dont scatter your family because of ordinary cheating….. just engage in fasting and prayers, she’ll stop cheating one day

“I would encourage the husband of Martha to forgive her. He must not let home destroyers destroy his home. Women have cheating in their gene. If he leaves her now, how is he sure there are better women out there? The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t”

StaCey Tino Mahachi


Nyasha Zimhunga

You men should love your wives and always be there for them .the moment Eve was alone the snake came .musavasiyewo pamuedzo .that alone should teach u kuti be aware the devil is after your wives .but be strong monamata and mogezawo be smart


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