Watch Woman Saved By Flip-Flops After Suffering Electric Shock While Vacuuming Video Explained

A weird but sort of magical incident took place when a woman said that her flip-flops saved her life while she was about to electrocute. The lady named Kerry Tattersley become an Internet sensation after she narrowly escaped a horrific incident. The 36 years old woman said that she was cleaning her artificial grass in her backyard with a vacuum cleaner. After a while, she wanted to remove the extension lead but she mistakenly touched a current wire. As we mentioned above that she is about to electrocute but narrow escaped the incident. Get more information on who is Kerry Tattersley, the woman saved by her flip-flops.

As we mentioned above that she had come to contact with an electric shock that was enough strong to forcibly throw her back into the nearby wall. After the incident, Kerry herself released the information of the incident where the Support worker belonged to Halifax said “I was in my garden vacuuming my artificial grass and my extension lead was plugged in too.” She further informed that she has been done with the grass and went to unplug the extension and the extension was loose.

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Woman Electrocuted Saved By Flip-Flops

She further says that she didn’t aware when she picked up the wire and at the same time she was also holding the plug due to which she got electrocuted but suddenly she threw back to the wall. She says that she felt that the shock was going through her arms. She then rushed to her kitchen and shivered uncontrollably. She even rates the pain 8 out of 10, even after getting the electric shock she didn’t go to the medical service. Later, she started experiencing a lack of breath after which she called the medical service at a friend’s suggestion.

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She said that she was talking to her friend about the incident when she told her to call the hospital. Initially, she says that she is fine but later she experienced shortness of breath and call 111. She was admitted to Calderdale Rayle Hospital. At the time when Padamedic arrived, they performed some mandatory tests including heart rate and blood pressure then asked some basic questions about how is she feeling and about the pain.

They suggests she visit the hospital as her pulse and heart rate were a bit high. The doctors there told her that her life has been saved by her flip-flops. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.

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