Watch the shocking story of Amanda showing what drugs can do to you in 4 months (Video)

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. Here, read  and watch a shocking story of Amanda, a drug addict and she deteriorate in a space of four months.

This story is shared by Soft White Underbelly.


Soft White Underbelly in his video documentary of Amanda showed her rapid deterioration in 4 months after ientifying as a crack-addicted prostitute and drug-addict living on the streets of Skid Row in LA.

With many calling the photographer out for trying to exploit Amanda’s situation instead of helping her, Soft White said;

“Before you order me to help Amanda please read this. No one can stop Amanda. Not her family, not me, not you, not the church, not the rehab facilities she’s walked out of. No one.

The purpose of my channel is to help us understand how and why this happens so that we can try to fix what’s broken in our country and hopefully, prevent the next generation of children from falling through the same cracks as Amanda has.

I’m certain there will be a ton of commenters saying I should be “helping” Amanda instead of exploiting her, but you have to understand my aim with this channel of mine.

My goal is to make people who are strong and capable wake up so that we can create changes that can prevent this from happening to the next generation of children, not to try to fix the already broken individuals I photograph. There are many thousands just like Amanda out there. Let’s stop blaming the “exploitive” photographer and look at the real causes of this.

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There are many hundreds of thousand more Amandas out there and most of them have small children somewhere. Let’s fix the true causes of these problems instead of sitting on your sofa and blaming me. I’m simply informing you of the truth. ML

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”-Frederick Douglas

Watch the video showing the life-threatening stage of deterioration Amanda found herself within the space of four months below.

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