WATCH| Sithelo Shozi Shares Brazilian Butt Lift Journey


Model and disc jockey Sithelo Shozi has shared her journey through the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) she travelled to Turkey to get.

The mother of three did her surgery at the same cosmetic surgery clinic Eva Modika did her teeth.

She was discharged from the clinic earlier today. Sithelo shared a picture on Instagram of her body before the Brazilian butt lift, which aimed to trim her belly fat and love handles while also expanding her hips to give them a rounded shape.

She then shared a second picture after the surgery. The nude photo showed her with a slimmer waist and a thicker butt.

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Sithelo Shozi shares her Brazilian Butt Lift Journey. [Image: Instagram]

The surgery meant she had to stay in hospital for a few days lying on her stomach to allow the BBL to heal. So intense was the plastic surgery procedure that she had difficulties walking.

Sithelo Shozi sought to dispel the stigma surrounding plastic surgeries:


“Firstly, I wish we’d retract the surgery stigma we seem to pass on. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving yourself a makeover. It’s really each to their own when it comes to such, and after three kids, this was the best decision and best reward I could’ve given myself.

After spending the past two months doing some diet planning and endless takeouts, I was finally able to gain enough weight and fat to perform the procedure I wanted. My hip dips must’ve been my biggest worry and also achieving my desired shape.”


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People on Twitter shared mixed reactions to Sithelo Shozi’s Brazilian butt lift.



“If you’ve seen how cosmetic surgery goes wrong, you will start appreciating leyo ironing board that God gave you…”


Sithelo Shozi Butt Lift
Sithelo Shozi shares her Brazilian Butt Lift Journey. [Image: Instagram]


“There was absolutely no need for you or her to share this. Could have well kept it to herself.”


“As a celebrity, would I be wrong if I send my friend Sithelo a message stating…. “Congratulations, my dear friend, on your accomplishment of acquiring a new bum”?


“She’s being honest, unlike other celebs that sell us slimming teas.. she’s gonna look amazing when she heals.”


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