WATCH| Prominent Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa Moved To Tears As Magistrate Issues Arrest Warrant For Ailing Marry Mubaiwa

WATCH| Beatrice Mtetwa Moved To Tears As Magistrate Issues Arrest Warrant For Marry Mubaiwa

Prominent lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa was moved to tears on Friday after a Harare Magistrate issued an arrest warrant for Vice President Constantino Chiwenga‘s estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa.

Mubaiwa failed to attend court proceedings on Friday despite being at the Magistrate’s Court premises as she was too ill to leave her vehicle.

The presiding magistrate proceeded to issue an arrest warrant regardless.

Mtetwa who is representing Marry Mubaiwa was moved to tears over the ill-treatment of her client.

Mubaiwa is charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill the vice president when he was critically ill and hospitalised in South Africa back in 2019.

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Beatrice Mtetwa appeared before Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka on behalf of Marry Mubaiwa. She advised the magistrate that her client was on the premises but was too ill to make her way into the courtroom.

Mtetwa invited the court to verify her client’s presence in the parking lot but this was declined by the magistrate.

An arrest warrant was then issued against Mubaiwa.

Outside the court Mtetwa, reduced to tears, lamented:

As we all know these courts don’t even start on time. We waited at court at about 12 instead of quarter past 11. The magistrate sought us and we tell her Marry is extremely unwell she is downstairs she is in the car. The mother and the helper had to put her in the car because she cannot walk. She is very ill. She cannot be taken up the stairs because there is no stretcher or anything. Could the court come down and deal with her or deal with her in absentia or whatever. The State did not dispute that she is here and the reason she was brought here instead of being in hospital is because they previously issued a warrant for her arrest when she is unwell. A warrant of arrest was issued because the magistrate says there is no such procedure. She is not in wilful default for God’s sake. What sort of justice system wants to arrest a woman who could not even go to the toilet? She has made herself wet because she can’t go to the toilet because she is unwell. And you tell me its a justice system that says she must be arrested when she is in this condition? What sort of justice is this?

Watch Beatrice Mtetwa’s full reaction below:

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